Sunday, February 3, 2008

post trip - trek photos up

i've heard one day recovery for every hour difference as a general rule of thumb when it comes to jet lag. i'd have to agree, it really took two weeks to feel normal again after returning from tokyo (14 hours difference). strangely it only took two or three days in thailand to adjust (12 hour difference). the lesson here is that recovery time from jet lag is directly related to how much motivation you have to get up every day (thailand; high motivation to go diving, lie on beach, drink buckets of sam song and redbull. toronto; not so high motivation to sit behind a desk everyday [no offense to any coworkers/bosses who may still be watching this blog... =D])

ok enough blather, i've started processing photos. for those of you who wanted some non-food photos (i'm looking at you mom), here you go. the first batch is all from my trek in northern thailand.

the fog is from all the frost (yes FROST it went down to zero at night in the mountains) burning off

setting out

and here are a couple elephants for good measure

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