Friday, January 18, 2008


no english name: shinjuku, 5 minute walk from the south east exit of shinjuku station (around the corner from the wendy's and mc'd's across the street from each other)
- mixed seafood okonomiyaki: 1000 yen

this dish requires a step by step explanation

first the surface it's made on (your table)

okonomiyaki surface

next your order arrives, a bowl of shredded lettuce, mixed with your particular selection of stuff, in my case octopus, squid, and shrimp (and i think some veg thrown in for good measure). on top of everything in the bowl is a raw egg. sorry i didn't get a photo of the pre-cooked state.

next you mix it all (well, you're supposed to, but since i didn't know what i was doing the waiter did it for me) very thoroughly and pour it on the now hot surface

okonomiyaki cooking

cook for awhile, flip

okonomiyaki flip

cover with stuff that can't be good for you and serve (the white stuff is like mayo, the brown is like a thick soya sauce, no idea... maybe marco can explain. the flakey stuff is salty, i suspect fish flakes)

okonomiyaki finish

mmmm tasty

apologies for lack of non-food notes lately, tokyo is so huge and overwhelming it's hard to choose a single thing to comment on, but tomorrow i leave =( so this is likely the last post while on the road. i'll post as i upload non food photos to my flickr account. thanks for reading my blog, i'll see you all soon.


Anonymous said...

So yet again good pictures under difficult circumstances and still post-transit for you.

Your entry left me wondering how long all this took, e.g. from entry, order, preparation, payment and leaving. Sometimes (full disclosure, former waiter writing) the 'experience' of the food is a narrative that unfolds over time and, with hope, across all senses. I just couldn't get a sense of what was happening temporally.

You must have had complete shark breath after the six fish sushi meal.

So once you get back maybe you could work up some Visio 'Swimlane' and USE CASE diagrams about the whole Okonomiyaki experience goes? That would be great.

Great pics - great narrative, best wishes for a safe and speedy journey Darren.


Cara said...

Hope you enjoy your last day!

See you soon.