Sunday, January 13, 2008

delicious execution of common thai ingredients

jolly frog restaurant
- plain rice with chicken fried with thai basil leaves and chillies: 25 baht


to date (and i leave thailand tomorrow) the best execution of this common combination of ingredients in thailand. simple, spicy the exactly right serving size (it looks small but really is just right), this is what thai food should be.


Anonymous said...

That dish looks honest and wonderful - again a good shot.

So if you're interested here's a link to a recent news report about volunteering opportunities assisting Tsunami victims in Thailand. Good report and certainly something I'm entertaining.

Regards - Brady

Cara said...

FINALLY he posts a picture of Gkai Pad Gkaprow!!!

Please bring some back with you!*

We've been trying to grow some holy basil under lamps in the basement, but the plants have become infested with aphids. We may have to wait until we can plant outside come spring.

*I realize that's not actually possible!