Sunday, January 13, 2008

goodbye bangkok - blowing the budget @ cy'an

the metropolitan hotel: cy'an
7 course tasting menu with paired wines: 4530 baht


so, what better way to say goodbye to bangkok than by completely blowing the budget and going out for some fine dining. i met up with a couple of great brits i had met earlier in koh tao (the internet is completely changing traveling just like everything else) and went for some fine dining at the metropolitan hotel restaurant in bangkok; cy'an

the price was astronomical for thailand (and actually pretty expensive for back home too) but it was very much worth it. i don't have the vocabulary to explain, so you'll have to use the pictures to figure out just how good it was (plus the menu i took home with all the details). the photos are a bit dark at first because it took a few glasses of wine before i used flash at the fancy restaurant =P

[everything is listed in the order it was received]

appetizer: parma ham & parmesan on a crustini, fishcake with tartar sauce, & gazpacho with olive, anchovy & red pepper

cyan app

wine: moet et chndon, brut imperial

course 1: "raw flavours of the sea" new style sashimi of black king fish, avocado & peppery herbs

cyan course 1

course 2: "oyster & pearl" barron point in vodka tempura, pearls & sea vegetable broth

cyan course 2

wine: terrazas varietal, mendoza, chardonnay, argentina 2005

course 3: "river, fields & forest" southern rock lobster with roast pork, fresh figs & endive

cyan course 3

wine: licoln, gisborne muscat, ice wine, new zealand 2004

course 4: "gardens & pastures" duck foie gras with grilled bananas, fresh green pepper & pandanas

cyan course 4

wine: wyndham estate bin 222, chardonnay, austrailia 2003

course 5: "salty seas" hapuka cooked with baby carrots in a perfumed broth with coriander, honey & fresh almonds

cyan course 5

wine: terrazas varietal, mendoza, cabernet sauvignon, argentina 2005

course 6: "a life of grains" blackend wagyu beef with piquello peppers, garlic puree & grilled tomato jus

cyan course 6

course 7: "curds & whey" st. felicien cheese with thyme scented poached pear

cyan course 7

dessert 1: strawberries in hibiscus syrup

cyan dessert 1

dessert 2: caramel custard tart with reduced milk ice cream

cyan dessert 2


Geoffrey said...

Though certainly a departure from the standard fare one might find in Bangkok, the menu sounds (and looks) terrific.

I hope you enjoy your time in Tokyo, and make sure you keep in touch.

Darren's Travelling Account said...

thanks the pictures turned out better than i hoped considering i can't do any post on them on the road

you can bet that's the one and only meal like that of the trip, but damn was it worth it

i'm in tokyo now, going to try and scope out a place to stay that doesn't have a curfew.

Cara said...

Whoa, that looks tasty! Though one or two of those pairings is making my head explode.

Question: what is the frothy looking stuff on the banana dish? Are they doing some sort of molecular gastronomy type business?

Darren's Travelling Account said...

@cara: i have no idea, the chef seemed to be totally in love with froths and bubbles on everything... if there was a sauce, chances are it was made into a gentle foam.

which pairings in particular? i can try to remember what they were like