Thursday, January 17, 2008

sashimi & sushi

sushi bar at shinjuku park hotel
- sashimi: 1520 yen

6 different types of fish, as far as i know only one of them had i had before. even that tasted different. the portions of fish are much more generous than sashimi i've had anywhere in toronto. it's true what they say about sushi in japan, it is better. i don't think i can have it in canada again unfortunately =\

unfortunately it's just as expensive as back home

sushi at tsukiji market (japanese named restaurant, somewhere in inner market)
- sushi selection: 3675 yen

i really wish i could have taken a picture, several pictures actually, it was the best sushi i have ever had. there was barely room to maneuver my chopsticks let alone my big slr camera, that and a polite sign on the door that said no pictures please. i took a picture of the picture out front illustrating what i ordered, but it doesn't come close to doing it justice.

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Marco said...

don't worry you can eat sushi again when you come back to Toronto.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building has an observation deck where on a clear day you can see fujiyama. Just in case you want to see it.